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Nobody has the right to act cruelly to another just because they’re different


Body Guard for Post-Humans
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Little facts about Adrian

Adrian is trying to stop smoking. He’s tried before and had never been successful, however this time he knows it’s different. He changed his mind about inhaling such an addicting drug when a lady in the street started lecturing him about second hand smoke and the effects on people. Adrian  of course dropped the cigarette by accident and in exchange received a slap on the back of his head.

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"You’d probably look good in a firefighter suit," she commented boldly. "It’s probably good that you aren’t though, some people are being very rude about it. You’d think it was their business and not someone else’s with how much they are complaining." Her voice carries some, but nobody nearby seemed to care enough to comment, and she watches the man’s thoughtful expression before returning to look at the smoke herself.

Michaela blinked. Here was another person commenting about how things had been happening and she was forcibly reminded that for the entire years that she had lived here, she had turned a blind eye to it all. “I didn’t think that much was going on,” she replied cautiously, attempting to get some information. Digging, of course, wouldn’t be hard, but Michaela would never deny her own laziness sometimes. She turned in time to watch the cameras pan over the crowd, forcing her expression to appear solemn, but comments under her breathe, “I didn’t realize they were even here. At least that means there’ll probably be something about it on the news later, might even tell us what happened.”

She shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, Adrian. I’m Michaela and frankly I only know what these people have been blabbering about since I got here,” she indicated the men a few steps away, speaking loud, carrying voices as they spoke to the reporter. “Frankly, you’d think they would talk with a firefighter first or something. Unless they have already?”

Adrian tries not blush at the comment but fails to do so as he feels his ears turn hot. He smiles and looks down remembering that the past year he had dressed up as fireman. He kicks his foot out to hit a piece of the building that was once open and alive in a sense. Adrian nods along to what she says knowing from past experience that people gossip as if it was an essential part of life.

"The crime rate has lowered but crimes are still occurring. Especially the ones targeted towards post humans" he clenches his jaw knowing that he couldn’t protect everyone that was targeted. He takes a deep breath and glances over to the long haired woman who had just introduced herself. When he notices the camera pan over to where they were standing Adrian glances away just in time, relaxing his tense and stiff back.

"Nice to meet you too. I think the firemen are busy trying to assure what I’m assuming are the owners of this ice cream shop. Or what was once an ice cream shop…" He knows talking to strangers can be dangerous but Adrian puts the thought in the back of his mind. The bodyguard had been busy with clients and hadn’t had time to socialize with anyone lately. Sure some of clients talked to him, but to him that was work and not personal. He knows getting close to clients is dangerous.

"So were you here to get ice cream or..?" he asks hoping not to sound to intrusive.

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"You mean you’re not a fire fighter come to share information? Guess we’ll have to flag down an actual expert then," she replies, without thinking or even looking over. Half because she’s embarrassed to be thinking aloud, if he was close enough to hear her question then he must have heard her previous one, and half because she was trying to squint inside the building.

Michaela laughed once, pressing her lips together to pretend as though it wasn’t her when someone stares a them. It didn’t work, but she didn’t think they would say anything about it. “Well,” she murmured in reply, smiling at the man. “Yes and I’m not saying I want them to do so, just wondering why they haven’t.”

She wondered, briefly, if they were doing it on purpose. “Think they just want the attention? I bet some departments are underfunded with everything that’s been happening — not that firefighters get paid very much for their job though since most are volunteers — but this would be good attention.” Provided, of course, that nobody had gotten hurt, but surely there would be more panic if something had happened? She juts her chin at the owner. “Hopefully they’ve got insurance, though how a fire starts at somewhere that sells ice cream is a mystery to me. Definitely wouldn’t make it as a detective.”

"Uh no, no firefighter here" he replies while looking down and splaying his arms out as if a firefighter suit were appear to within the air. Looking over to the smoke in front of them he thinks about what the woman had asked, are these people genuinely capable of setting the building on fire just for attention?  Or anyone for that matter and to what…send some sort of message?

He takes a deep sigh and raises both eyebrows and thinks about what he had gone through during the first year of moving to the loud city. And not only what the dark haired man had gone through but also those he was close too. “A lot has been happening for a while now. An ice cream shop? That’s true, if someone had been inside the shop these people would try to get into the news” He points over to where a newscaster is talking into a microphone most likely relaying what had just happened.

“Well you know more than me,so that’s something. I’m Adrian” He sticks his hand out thankful his mother showed him polite manners.

and here it melts // open


There’s something poignant about walking past an ice cream shop that used to be bustling, where waiting in lines were outrageous and the price even more so, but it was worth it because the food was good. A little bit. Michaela hadn’t gone there much — at all, actually — but it’d been pretty much a constant on her way to work, the little building nestled between two stores that signaled her approach to work or to home. She rather thought of it more of a landmark than an actual place, like a sign of sorts. Just special enough that when she saw smoke on her way back home and jogged past it in ignorance, she trekked back almost immediately when the remaining smell of smoke hit her nose.

She wanted to say that she approached the crowd with sympathy for the guilty slump of the owner’s shoulder and not curiosity of what or why this had happened, but that was a lie. Still, she nudged past a person to get a closer look,  eyeing the blackened, charred remains of a building that had been pastel blue and yellow, her first thought of how the smudged colors would have looked lovely on a painting, but looked far too horrible in real life — “It looks like being picturesque for the newspapers won’t be happening again” — and she bit her tongue, because she had said that aloud. Quickly, to cover her blunder on the chance that someone had heard it, because the opinions of strangers had always meant something even if people tried to say otherwise, she asked, to no one in particular, “How long has it been smoldering like this? You’d think they would have told people to stay away, they’ve never liked people poking their noses in.” They had, after all, only blocked off the front of the building and a small area around it, but had left across the street open, where the crowd was lingering like herself.

The smell of smoke had a distinctive characteristic that stood out, it might have been the piercing smell of bitterness in the air or how it reminded the man of his past to when he was traveling. It was the bitterness he inhaled through his nostrils that caused him to flinch back. It might not have been as pungent to others but to Adrian his sense of smell was stronger than his other senses. The bodyguard had been walking to the technology shop he had found online, he was going to get his phone fixed and on his way to the store saw black smoke lingering in the air. Grounded onto the floor looking at the scene in front of him all he found himself seeming was ashes and broken down pieces and remains of what was once a building.

People were gossiping and talking to the each other in whispers, clearly talking about what had happened. Adrian hoped that no one was inside the building when the fire had occurred and turned to leave with a sigh when he heard someone speak out loud. He took a step closer to the woman who had clearly meant to keep the statement under wraps.

“It looks like a little over half an hour, though I’m no expert. And you mean people like us?” he says jokingly only to find himself wanting to take it back knowing that it was no time to make a joke.


  • Semi or Full hiatus: Full Hiatus
  • How long you’ll be away: Till mid July? Hopefully! I’ll be traveling to meet family in Mexico tomorrow. When I come back classes will start, but I WILL MAKE TIME TO RP
  • What your character/s will be up to during this time: Adrian will be protecting Rae with her side job as a drug dealer, making sure nothing goes wrong.

Character Name: Adrian Ceasar

Age (in 2017): 34 years old

Appearance: Looks the same as before, got a haircut but it grew rapidly.

Place of resident: Same apartment building, he’s currently painting it and giving it more color instead of having it all white.

Roommates (if applicable): -

Occupation: He is still working as a bodyguard protecting those who need it. However a minor change is that he now looks at background checks on the client, something he didn’t do before.

Goals: Adrians goals at the moment are more mental rather than physical. Before he used to have a mentality in which he believed that their was good in everyone. But after finding out the seven deadly sins and how two people he has met before were in it(Tori & Emmett, he’s not so sure about that outlook.

Top five relationships (friends, family, etc…) He still bumps into Darren now an then and they have quarrels on who’s fault it was when Adrian almost got ran over. Ronan is still a pain in his ass, but he doesn’t complain as much. Peter and Moria also make appearances. Adrian tried to get in contact with his little sister Fe, with no success. He is surprised when his parents come to visit him during the end of fall.

Significant events/development from vol. 2

  • Adrian arrives in New York after moving from town to town, and continues working as a bodyguard for post humans in the big apple.
  • Shortly after arriving he gets jumped by post human kids, However the bodyguard does get help from and makes new friends.
  • The bodyguard gets a phone call from a woman by the name of Virginie Maréchal who’s interested in having Adrian as a bodyguard but not before he is tested. He passes and starts working for the Ambassador.
  • Adrian gets a taste of New York when he goes goes to an exhibit held by Dr.Suresh in which results with an accident causing everyone to panic.
  • During the thanksgiving week he finds going through a tough time, and tries to drink away he’s sorrows only to miss his deceased brother even more.
  • He finds himself getting invited by an anonymous client to the carnival and encounters Moria and her friend Joey. They get trapped inside and the only way out is above the tight rope where a key is located.
  • Adrian follows a suspicious man he sees in the subway and steals a flash drive with the one of the seven deadly sins files. Knowing that their is six more he goes on a mission and retrieves all of them. At the end he goes to Protect where he shows Peter what he had found.

Significant events/development during time jump

Adrian gets a surprise visit from his parents, the bodyguard notices that his mom in particular is trying to refrain herself about judging him on his job choices.

During thanksgiving weekend Adrian decides to go out and goes to a nightclub where he drinks and almost gets kicked out for acting like a fool. When he wakes up he orders flowers for Matty’s grave.

One night he notices that he’s being followed and decides to take a different way home, after that he notices it again later that week before trying to confront the person. Silence is all he gets in respond.

How has your character been affected by the plot (this sort of goes with the one above)

Adrian is more suspicious to what is around him, especially since when he arrived to New York he didn’t know about the factions. And as more days pass by he starts to notice how particular things are broken apart.

Anything else you would like to add(OOC).. I’m really wishing that this year I’ll have more time so that Adrian can interact with more people and get to plot so that Adrian can be more involved in this volume.

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Little Facts about Adrian

Adrian has started to paint the apartment, he has gotten tired of looking at the white walls.