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Nobody has the right to act cruelly to another just because they’re different


Body Guard for Post-Humans
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Darren taps the man’s shoulder and points back to the woman who was obviously drunk and feeling frisky, causing him to forget about Adrian and run to start a scene. While that went down, Darren smirked at Adrian. “I know you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while man, but coppin a feel!?” The boy laughs obnoxiously. “That’s just pathetic… and quite frankly I am disappointed Adrian.”

Adrian raises an unamused eyebrow at the younger man and quirks his lips into a small smile. “Well if it isn’t Darren always showing up at times like these”

"I was not copping a feel as you so called it, are you even allowed in here dressed like that?" he asks as he gives Darren a quick scan, plaid like always he thinks and walks over to the bar ordering them two beers.

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"I’m not his girl, dumbass," she turned around to give Adrian a shove and then turned to the other guy to shove him too. "It was that asshole who grabbed my ass!" She pointed to the man who she had been arguing with and when he leaned forward to kiss her, she dropped him on his ass. He was currently writhing on the floor in the pain.


"Now let’s get you fucking home, you moron." She turned to see Adrian still there. "What?” She hissed as she struggled with the other man’s weight as he was close to passing out. “This is what I get for getting butt dialed and trying to help you get back home. Jesus fucking christ, you’re heavy.”

After being shoved he turns to give the dark haired woman an impressive look. Not bad he thinks, and looks to the man on the floor that was currently complaining and swearing. Yeah, definitely not bad.
“Uhhm nothing….”he looks at her struggling with the mans weight and scratches his head. The other man almost falls on his back but Adrian grabs him and tries to hold him up “Do you need help?” he asks the woman who had just shoved him.

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Rae can’t help but laugh when he elongates her name. Man, is this what she looks like when she’s drunk? She snorts and looks at the other guy before watching him stalk off to go get in a hustle with whoever’s macking on his girl. Whatever. Uh, I came here with you, remember? I mean, shit, she chuckles, I’m drunk but not that drunk. C’mon, we should get outta here, she says, tugging on his sleeve. Then, she decides it’d be better for her to part the crowd by using him as a, well, parter because she’s like 5’3” and he’s… obviously not. So, Rae kinda shuffles Adrian in front of her and then follows close behind as she gently guides and pokes and pushes him through the crowd. What a genius idea…

Adrian resists the urge to wave goodbye to the guy speed walking to his girlfriend. “What….no we d-ohh i remember now.” he laughs at himself knowing full well that he had just lied not remembering.

"Where are we going…can we get something to eat" he asks over the loud music playing in the background. He continues walking though the crowd and laughing when Rae would poke his ticklish spot in his back. He continued to mutter excuse me, and oops sorry when almost stepping on peoples feet.

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Rae isn’t really close with Adrian. Like. She hired him a few times after she got her ass beat a few months ago, so… But, he’s cool. And he’s also drunk, which isn’t cool. Or maybe it is? She’s not sure yet. Being buzzed never made Rae good at separating her thoughts. Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, dude, she tugs at his arm, Calm down, he isn’t worth it, man. She kinda playfully punches his arm, which really wasn’t a good idea if she had been, like, a stranger. C’mon, grizzly, drop it.

Adrian looked down and noticed a familiar red haired tugging at his arm. “Raaaachael” He says dragging the a in her name while tilting his head and smiling at her.


"What are you doing here….look bro, I’m leaving now. Good luck with your girl looks like you’re going to need it." He asks Rae and thinks to himself- grizzly? like a bear? haha cool. When he looks over to the man he tries not to laugh at his angered face.

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Jaysus…He’s trying to ignore the budding fight behind him, but looking over his shoulder wins him a death glare and an insult from the man who had started the fight, so he turns around to face them both. Look, mates, you need to just break this shite excuse for an argument up before the bouncers go picking up on it. Step away from the booze too, yeah? Also, her arse is her property, not yours, I’d think.

"Listen to this guy, he knows what he’s talking about" Adrian throws his hands in the air, and mutters “this is shit”. He tries not to tip over and fall over to where people in a table are staring at them. And that’s when he knows he has had to much to drink.

"Thanks man……wait no more booze?" he says to the dark long haired man that had just arrived in front of them. From where he stood he realized that the other man with anger problems took a step forward and threw a sing, unfortunately Adrian was still a bodyguard underneath and took a step forward in front the long haired man taking the punch knowing he wasn’t much in control of his limbs.

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"Look man, I didn’t touch your girls "ass" as you so called it. But clearly someone else is…" he looks over the mans shoulder to see the women he was talking about kissing another man that was clearly not her boyfriend.

and here it melts // adrian & michaela


She had thought that her words would make him scowl or smirk, she certainty didn’t think he would blush, but there it was as proof. Out of kindness, she didn’t comment on it; the biggest reason though was only because she didn’t have anything witty to say in response to it that wouldn’t have been too much for a first time meeting. “That poor building didn’t do anything to you to warrant a kick,” she commented instead, grinning faintly.

Post-humans. She didn’t stiffen at the word, though she did scrap absently at her tattoo through her sleeve, but it was a very near thing and she wasn’t sure if he caught the guilty expression on her face when he turned to her or not. “I’ve heard as much though admittedly haven’t seen it first hand,” she said, thinking suddenly of her previous landlord and amending her statement, “well, not much. Not violence. There’s not really a lot that can be done to stop it, is there?” She shrugged and crossed her arms, hiding the tattoo. She already felt as though it was a brand, she didn’t need someone else to know her sentence either. 

"It was an ice cream shop and those are indeed the owners," she affirmed, pointing to a short man with his hands on his hips and a heavyset woman. "I’d be more curious about how it started, but, then again, I think most of the people around here are. For the city that’s always moving, you’d think people would have more to do." Not that she could talk, but she didn’t add that piece of hypocrisy to her words when it was painfully obvious.

She smiled and shook her head. “I was just passing by on my way home, don’t live too far and I’m not used to fires around this part, least of all from here. Were you, headed for ice cream that is?”

The bodyguard noticed the smallest of demeanor in change. How she had shrugged and crossed her arms when they had started talking about the post human activity occurring in the lurid city. Her aura radiated unimportance and her body behavior spoke nonchalance to what he had said.  He didn’t comment on it and opted to keep it to himself. Confronting people wasn’t Adrian’s style, he was one to blend in the shadows of a landscape so to speak. 

"No not much that can stop what is happening, but people have hope and that’s something to consider. Something is brewing in this city so to speak and people are going to burn." He then realizes what he had just said a little to late and has the decency to look a little sheepish. Tilting his head to the side and scratching the back of his hair he chuckles and mutters an apology.

"I didn’t mean to sound like on of those evil guys in movies. No, no ice cream for me. I needed to go to the shop and fix this….whatever happened to it." He replies to her question and mutters the last part to himself. Taking the phone out from the inside pocket of his leather jacket he raises it up noticing that a glass piece had fallen out and onto the floor. After coming home from being on the job, he had discovered that his phone had a cracked screen on it. He didn’t jump in front of a car or tackle someone down. It must have been due to the longevity of the product. He remembers paying for it after he had just become a bodyguard, thinking about how long he has been working makes him feels nostalgic.

Little facts about Adrian

Adrian is trying to stop smoking. He’s tried before and had never been successful, however this time he knows it’s different. He changed his mind about inhaling such an addicting drug when a lady in the street started lecturing him about second hand smoke and the effects on people. Adrian  of course dropped the cigarette by accident and in exchange received a slap on the back of his head.

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