Tyler Hoechlin attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, April 13.

"Once exposed, a secret loses all its power"


Peter slid down the banister from first floor to the ground floor while keeping a bagel in his mouth. He stuck the landing and took a bite out of the bagel as his prize. They said they could’ve sent the file up to his office, but it was late and whenever it was late, HQ became his playground. 

He noticed Adrian enter in the front door and ran up to him. “Adrian! Long time no say. How’s it goin’?”


Adrian can see a dark haired man coming towards him and a smile takes over his face as he realizes that its Peter. “Peter! Hey, I could be better…” He shrugs running a hand on the back of his neck


"I was hoping to see you actually…but you? How are you?" He wonders if the man in front of him knew about the secrets and information the bodyguard was gripping on to.

Anonymous said: [Fan at Heroes Panel] How do you keep so incredibly fit?

Uh well, I’m not really sure if I can say this especially since theirs some young fans out there. But if you catch my drift… he replies with a wink to the crowd


I’m kidding totally kidding guys! I work out a lot during my free time, some of the crew helps me. If watching me and spraying water at me counts

Yooooo… || Hollywood AU || Open


"Depends on what faction that you’re a part of." She said with a smile, "My character is a part of PROTECT, but either way I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other around."


"I belong to no one… hahah. My character is rather strong if I say so myself" he lifts an arm and tries to show his muscles only to knock down the dummy onto the floor

LeoDaVinci#BTSofheroes #FakeBloodtastesgood

Yooooo… || Hollywood AU || Open


"Yeah, I’m new around here. I’ve done a few scenes but I’ll be shooting more as the season progresses. I’m Jezebel, and thank you for the compliment." She smiled brightly.


"I’m Adrian, people usually call me Leo when off set"

"But totally, hopefully our characters meet at some point" he replies with a wink

Anonymous said: [Fan at Heroes Panel]: What big secret does Adrian have to reveal? Will it change the game between the three factions?

I’m not going to tell! Last time i let a spoiler spill I was MIA in the show, you will have to keep watching. But I will tell you this…..

Adrian definitely has something that will cause tension between the three factions. I was recording a scene a little while ago and it was very suspenseful and agitating because I didn’t even know if would be alive for the next season tell you the truth

Yooooo… || Hollywood AU || Open


"I’m here on the other side." She said with a smile,  "Although I can understand the confusion."


"Ohh yeah, but you are so much more beautiful than my friend Margie here" He replies while patting the fake dummy.

"You’re new around here, yeah?"